Stable release of Magento

On February 20, 2011, in Uncategorized, by Larry Ruiz

Thats right – Your previous skin will not work! – Yay!

Keep relations with your designers and programmers close at hand.

This is more like the enterprise version that ever before (without the developer goodies)

Major code change – simpler and more efficient.

We are noticing a much fast product import on catalog larger than 40,000 skus

We see faster API connections – not sure why but seems faster from what we have seen previously

Mainly the move to built-in CDN functionality is getting better – we like this for larger companies

While the billing systems are getting more complicated – the customers we server are not using this feature much at all. the services suppliers we work for don’t use Magento for their billing systems – not enough auditing and filtering ability to pinpoint things for customer support. This looks to be getter better.

Overall – still the best cart you can get for a 1-100,000 sku shop!


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