Magento 1.5 is Hot! and stable

On March 9, 2011, in Magento, by Larry Ruiz

Major Highlights


  • Added Payflow Link using HSS (Hosted Sole Solution)
  • Balance Response, Partial Authorization Transactions, Authorization Reversals Support for MasterCard and Discover with
  • 3D Secure Authentication for payment method
  • Authorize.Net SIM payment method
  • Improved Import/Export functionality
  • Ability to order composite products from backend including:
    – reconfigure already added products on front end
    – adding preconfigured products in wish-list
  • Alternative media storage options
    – Database. Note: Due to a design flaw we are removing alternative image storage feature from this release. It will be redesigned and released in our upcoming releases.
    – CDN
  • Order status management
    – ability to add new status and assign to some state
    – statuses now stored in DB table instead of configuration file
  • Ability to edit order addresses for an existing order
    – this functionality admin has link to edit address for order view page
  • Magento Mobile included in base packaging
  • Included new Magento Connect Manager 2

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