1. Obtain your ChannelAdvisor Developer Codes. You will need your Developer Key, Password and your Account ID.
    1. Request Developer Key Here: RequestApiDevKey.aspx make sure you copy the password you enter here.
    2. Once approved, CA will email you the details. The email will include your Developer Name and Developer Key. (Now you have 2 of 3 required codes)
    3. Finally, log into your CA account and choose the correct sub-account (if you have more than one CA account there will be a drop down in the top-right corner of your screen)

i.      Find your way to this page: Developer Network – Account Authorisations. You can navigate there by following these steps: MY ACCOUNT >  DEVELOPER NETWORK > ACCOUNT AUTHORISATIONS

ii.      Here you will find your Account ID. Make sure its enabled

  1. Now you should have your Developer Key, Password and your Account ID – this allows you access to your ChannelAdvisor account thru their custom API system.

Click here for Video – Step 01 – CA API Details



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