eCommerce Specialised for 10 years

We are highly specialized in building eCommerce stores.

Our focus is 100% Magento. We do not claim to be a one-stop shop for everything. Businesses need specialists that understand needs and resources – we claim to maximize both.

High customer retention rate

With a 85% client retention rate we thrive off referrals. Devgento is not a do-it-yourself partner. Devgento is your Magento IT department from the distance of a phone call. We service small and medium sized business in Australia, Canada, England, The Netherlands and The United States.

Ten minutes on the phone

Is all it takes to know you are in good hands with

Have more than 100,000 products?

We have built custom stores that transact 500+ orders per day and merchandise 120,000+ unique skus. We have built custom everything for Magento by now and keep everything in order with Magento’s core code.

Upgrades and Migration

Magento changes monthly and clients always want to upgrade. We have migrated and upgraded countless Magento stores from very poor all the way up to very good programmers.

Hosting and Performance

We have seen countless store owners come to us with problems. Mostly the problems are because the server was not setup properly, there are conflicting files and/or the original programmer was clueless about how to properly build Magento.


We have integrated many 3rd party application to work in-concert with Magento – many times without changing Magento’s core code (so upgrading is not affected.


We have partnerships with some of the highest quality service providers available today. Reaching from Australia to the UK, over to the US and back again.

Feel free to contact us today:

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