Devgento offers premium support to all Magento users

Running an online business makes you vulnerable to the constant change of the internet. Running an online business also means that you will come across many highly technical challenges throughout the years of doing business. If you do not have a dedicated Magento Technician then support by Devgento can be of considerable value to your bottom line.

The idea of support:

Support is not training. We do not offer any training or “how to” for Magento. Overall, the intention is to help and assist in problem solving to maintain a properly working magento store.  Support is support and not development or training. Learning is something we all must do to stay current and ahead of the competition. Some need more support than others. Support assumes that the goal is to have a working store.

Why do you charge $95 an hour?

Many Magento users to seek out help from freelance websites. Devgento positions itself as a long term resource for any serious online business. The basic flow of support goes like this:

1. We complete the previous task and then load your ticket
2. We then try to understand your ticket and any attachments
3. When clarification is required or access needed, we respond with the appropriate questions
4. We then attempt to recreate the problem on your environment
5. If successful we then start to investigate the cause
6. Once we can determine the cause we then look for related conflicts
7. Upon complete investigation we then attempt a solution
8. The successful solution then must be documented
9. Documented solution is added to the ticket with a personal note from support

Each technician is over 30 years old and has 5 years experience

We give the same care to each ticket with the exception of “Fast” subscribers that take priority.


  • Monday – Friday
  • 7 – 19:00 GMT
Response Times 

  • 2 – 6 hours Standard
  • 0 – 2 hours Fast
Pricing (USD) 

  • $95/hour Standard
  • $145/hour Fast
We are located in Zurich Switzerland Tickets submitted outside hours don’t apply to the matrix above. This is prepaid and only with your PayPal Balance – not credit card funded payments.

It is never advised to work on your system when there is no support on-demand. Generally we perform major upgrades in the mornings so any resulting issues can be efficiently resolved during the course of the working day.

To get started with Devgento support:

  • Please register with us at
  • Once confirmed please complete your ‘my account’ profile
  • All prices are in US Dollars- consult for exchange rates

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