SSD & Sandy Bridge

Slow servers are unacceptable and Magento requires lots of power. We use custom servers with the newest Intel Chips and Solid State Hard Drives

Magento Hosting

We all love Magento but don’t like the technical headaches that come from mis-configured servers, permission issues and insufficient hardware resources.

Recently Magento have offered their “GO” service – We assume this is because the web is full of people complaining about Magento. While the complaints are real they are not due to Magento. It is a server configuration issue 90% of the time. While every hosting provider claims to be an “EXPERT” in hosting Magento – try to get anyone on the phone that can answer your questions.


FACT: a common store on our networks is using 200GB per month of bandwidth

Devgento has been running Magento stores since 2008 with more that 600 active clients. We provide reliable, hard core and Magento configured dedicated servers for all our clients.

All our clients use the same hardware and network to ensure maximum performance. Inside our networks all WebServers and MySQL Servers share these same attributes:

  1. Server performance you will notice – FREE TRIAL
  2. Gigabit Uplink Networks (most providers offer a metered 10MBit)
  3. cPanel Hosting Control Panel
  4. Unrestricted: domains, databases, email accounts and more
  5. Complete Daily Backups at Secure remote locations
  6. Over 180 1 Click installer packages for today’s best software titles
  7. Discounted EV Security Certificates from COMODO

To view our current prices and options please go to our server manager here: SERVER MANAGER

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