Our position on website privacy

Today there are so many sites and agencies collecting every piece of information they can about your visit. We do not care about your browsing habits nor do we wish to analyze them. Our site uses standard cookies to customize your visit when needed. Our server is recording IP traffic as a general action and it dumps this information regularly. We provide a informational site that is meant to be read and if you want to comment or contact us you leave the information you want. Please enjoy using our site and understand we will not and do not keep, analyze, harvest, organize, sell, share, broadcast or anything else regarding your information. The following information is prepared by our legal team:

Information Stored on Our Web Server

Our web server stores log files to record visits for the purpose of displaying website visitor statistics. This is in common with most other websites.

None of this information is displayed publically.

The infomation collected includes the following data:

  • IP address – with this information it’s possible to discover which ISP you used to connect to this website
  • browser type – this information may be denied by your browser settings
  • referring page – this information may be denied by your browser settings
  • time and duration of your visit
  • which pages you visited

How the Information is Used

The information is used to measure the performance of the website in attracting visitors and users.

Access to the Stored Information

Only the webmaster of Devgento views this information.

Server administrators have access to the information but are unlikely to view it.

In future, the information may be presented to potential buyers of the website.

The information should be assumed to remain permanently on the server.

3rd Party Cookies

Currently we do not have any advertising making use of cookies.

Use of E-mail Addresses

We don’t currently store your E-mail on our server.

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