Optional Extra's

We have identified some common tasks that businesses need to get setup. These things we can do quickly with our knowledge of Magento

Magento Inventory Import

Importing inventory to Magento can be a time consuming task. It is also something that new store owners perform 4 times on average because they learn how to better import or clean up their data. We offer this as a service to allow you good data control and minimal time to market. There are 3 parts to inventory: product information, Magento Attributes and Image file sizes. Below are our rates all in USD.

Magento Product Finder

Using your existing attributes in Magento we can build a product finder while building your store. The principle of the product finder gives your buyers the ability to find exactly what they are looking for, as quickly as possible. Prices start at $1500

Magento General Settings

No programming here just setting your Magento settings optimal for usage, search ability, SEO, and security $500

Magento Shipping Setup

Setting up shipping can be a tricky as well as time consuming with Magento. We can configure your shipping rates based on you populating a general spreadsheet for us with rates, methods and destinations. Prices start at $500

Magento Payment Setup

Configuring your Magento store to checkout exactly as you have envisioned and how your payment providers allow. We can setup your payment systems. This means using the default Magento system plus adding a free extension from Magento Connect. Warning – Google checkout ofter required  the multiple table rate extension before it will allow checkout properly. Prices start at $500

Magento Home Page Personality

Even though your home page is the least viewed site by real buyers it does set the tone for your store. We can create a very stylish and efficient home page based on your criteria. This can be used un conjunction with the product finder. Prices start at $900

Integrating Magento Extensions

There are 1,000’s of great extensions from Magento Connect. Most all of the ADMIN only ones will work fine with your system but most of the extensions that affect the front-end of your webstore will most likely require some fine-tuning, so that the will work just as needed to make those extra sales! Prices start at $500

Magento Security Hardening

Magento is FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE and one of the costs associated with OPEN SOURCE is security. Everyone has the complete blue print for Magento at their disposal so it is imperative that you ensure that your Magento store is as secure as possible with today’s best practices. We provide a Magento Security Audit. We will only work on hosting control panels by cPanel. Prices start at $500

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