Integrate Magento and WordPress

The one question we get on every single Magento build is, “Will it be optimised for SEO?”

We 100% understand the question and your goal. Magento be “DEFAULT” is well built for Search Engine Optimisation. “Default” assumes you are using the default skin – once this is changed then the SEO optimisation can change. However assuming your Magento skin is well built and optimised, getting well formed content inside the site is a challenge. The best solution that we have found for getting content into Magento and in a format that is easy for your data entry person is WORDPRESS.

We can configure wordpress to fully integrate to your Magento build. This will offer instant time to market and very easy user interface. This will also keep your Magento build simple and not compromise your database. We configure the WordPress database separate from Magento. When its time to upgrade this is one less thing to break your system

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