Custom Packages

We offer simple packages with maximum value. Improving your website is a daily task, thats why we offer these starter packs plus a full Custom Design Option

Why we offer Magento packages…

First lets define what a package is: A package is a group of things (in this case services) that could be sold individually but for convience are compiled in one offer.

Many of you come to us from referrals and want to know “how much is this going to cost me?” – this is why we offer packages. We wanted to offer essential things for customers in a transparent manner. ECOMMERCE is becoming a commodity so the only thing we can do to differentiate ourselves from other unregulated groups is to offer quality above anything else.

We offer 3 packages – all of which can be added to with our add-ons. Of course you can always schedule a time to speak with us to get exactly what you are looking for.

The Magento Packages we offer are:

  1. Starter – details
  2. Premium Starter – details
  3. Fully Custom – details

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