ChannelAdvisor Magento Extension

Main Features:

  1. Migrate Products to Magento
  2. Sync SKU levels with CA

Main Benefits:

  1. Maintain 1 System
  2. Automation with ChannelAdvisor
  3. Easily Migrate your Data

$599 USD – One Time

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Update August 2, 2014

We have a new release for Magento 1.9 CE.

Do you use ChannelAdvisor and Magento but need the bridge between them?

We have created the only Magento Extension that connects your ChannelAdvisor Inventory control to Magento. This amazing Extension keeps ChannelAdvisor as your master stock controller and Magento takes updates from ChannelAdvisor.


We have created a very simple video series to show you exactly how to get started with ChannelAdvisor’s API, gathering the required CA data, formatting your data, installing Magento, installing this extension, mapping your products and importing them to Magento.

Step 01 – How to get your ChannelAdvisor API Developer Key


Step 02 – Gathering CA Data for Importing


Step 03 – Formatting values into a comma seperated format


Step 04 – Installing Magento Properly


Step 05 – Installing the ChannelAdvisor Magento Extension


Step 06 – the mapping and import process

56 Responses to Magento Extension for ChannelAdvisor

  1. Edward Winston says:

    I was looking at the cost of your ChannelAdvisor extension. However there appears to be a problem with your Magento shop.

  2. I am interested in the Channel advisor extension but i was wondering if it was able to push inventory data from Magento to CA? all examples seems to be focused around pushing inventory data from CA to Magento…

  3. jeffrey says:

    What is the pricing / licensing arrangement on your Channel Advisor extension?

  4. Sarah says:

    Been waiting for this release – I have your old version for 1.4 magento. If I upgrade to 1.5 – can I get this extension as an upgrade?

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      Hi Sarah,
      We have an upgrade option for $120
      for more questions please use your and we’ll get your files issued

  5. Niv says:

    Will this work for Enterprise edition?, thanks!

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      The extension is strictly for the Community Edition. Enterprise Editions are typically custom built but we do have a commercial version for the current EE version for $899. for more details please call or use the ehelpdesk – thank you

  6. Greg Ashborn says:

    We have installed this today – we are getting success messages all the way thru except when we go to import single skus – we get connection error?

    What could be the problem?

    Also is there a forum for this extension so we can talk with other users?

    Thank you

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      most likely its an extra/hidden character – if you could send the file and the exact steps you perform to cause the error we will solve it for you – please use the for that problem

    • Hi, we have the same issue with the extension and I was wondering If you got it worked?


  7. Ricky Ngo says:

    Do you have a trial?

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      Officially we do not but we can give you a 1 week license to use if you like
      Send a message thru support and mention this post – then we’ll get it sorted for you

  8. Peter says:

    Will it work for Magento Go?

  9. viet says:

    I have installed this and have some issues with authentication.. tried calling several times and i also have a ticket open.. this has been open for a few weeks now.. please help.

  10. Alvin says:

    Awesome post/extension! Worked well with our site. Functions but doesn’t look too “pretty”. Any ideas?

  11. Gregg says:

    Maybe I’m missing this info somewhere but I have a pre-sale question.

    How does Magento update CA of stock?

  12. Ocean says:

    I need this for Enterprise 1.11. Does this work for multiple accounts on CA (assuming we have unique developer keys for each posting account)?

    ps, your spam filter on website contact page is confusing. what’s ten minus five? 5 is not the right answer. I had to pull out a calculator lol. Then realized it needed ‘five’ spelled out.

  13. Billy Ng says:

    I tried to access the demo site, but I failed. I also emailed a few pre-sales question and am waiting for a response.

  14. Cyrus says:

    hi, can this extension be used as my magento system has been redeveloped. And our version is Enterprise Edition. Thanks.

  15. Irfan says:

    It will work with Magento 1.7 CE version ?

    Please advice on it.

  16. Jacob Fan says:

    1. Do you currently support Magento CE
    2. Could we get a trial version to test before purchasing?
    3. Your “support” link is broken (404 error).

  17. We have created a very simple video series to show you exactly how to get started with ChannelAdvisor’s API, gathering the required CA data, formatting your data,linnworks download free

  18. Adil says:

    In the supported channeladvisor information, it says it’s only compatible with “2007-2011” API. Is that still correct?

  19. Yogesh says:

    Hi There, we are using your extension but facing some issues on our site related to cron, its skiiping everytime, we are using Magento 1.7 and i think you are extension is just supportable to 1.6 as per the Magento Connect page –

    This extension is working fine but the cron which have configured for every five minutes is suddenly stopped working from last couple months its skipping the cron schedule and only run sometime.

    Please advise if you made available the 1.7 compatible version for your extension

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  20. Justin says:

    I tried to order the script but your cart i messed up. I get this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ” (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or number (T_NUM_STRING) in /home/devgento/public_html/servers/configuration.php on line 2

    Please fix it, I need this script. Thank you.

  21. Adil says:

    We’re using magento 1.6.1. Does this extension still works? We are very interested.

    Please advise,

  22. Ben says:

    Is this compatible with 1.8 CE yet?

    I see that the cost is 299$USD, when i convert to £GBP the price stays at £299 instead of the exchange which is £187. Is this an error, otherwise I’ll purchase via the USD.

    I’m interested in purchasing today if the above can be answered/remedied.


  23. Waldemar says:


    is it possible to import magento orders to CA?

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      if you import orders to CA, CA will charge you commission on those sales. We have not had one request to do that once the client knows this.

  24. sam says:

    Hi, I’m seeing loads of comments stating $299. I now see in the cart it is $599, has this increased?


  25. Paul says:

    How well would this extension handle 1 million SKUs? Is it realistic that updates to quantity could be done daily?

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      the number of SKU’s are not the question. #1 your magento server/database should be able to deal with all this input fast. #2 the API connection from CA’s servers to your server and all the ‘validation’ that Magento does will be your constraint.

      with 1M skus, you should have us work on it for you. it will be a few days depending on how complicated the product attributes are in channel and how much data is coming over AND most importantly how much of your description HTML will be rejected by magento.

  26. Justin says:

    Will this pull orders from Channel Advisor into Magento? We dont need orders going from Magento to CA, just pulling down since CA will be handling ebay, amazon and other marketplace sales.

    • Larry Ruiz says:

      the bridge does not pull orders from CA and import them into Magento.
      Magento requires specific information per order per places in all the required database tables for it to be able to handle that order.
      We have not had enough requests for this to build it in yet.
      It is possible as a custom solution

  27. We are currently updating our Magento site going to be using 1.9 and would like it to work with Channel Advisor. Please advise on current version being compatible or any plans for working on a 1.9 module.



  28. Scott Barrow says:


    Is it possible to get a trial to run this in our own environment?

    I see you have offered a trial link for 30days before, but this link appears to be broken.

  29. We’ve discovered Magento earlier this year and after long deliberation decided to make the jump. We plan to leave Channel Adisor but want to migrate all we have setup from CA into Magento first and ensure that it will work before cutting our ties. We would like to trial your extension for 30days, the link above seems to no longer work. Thank you.

  30. Lyndsey says:

    Quick couple of questions, can this be used to do a one time import of skus and stock quantity or can it be set to run every hour or so? I presume that items such as the product name, descriptions etc If running this regularly (I want to run it every half hour for stock control) can be updated in sync with how often you are running the API? Eg if we are doing SEO work on descriptions in CA it will pull into magento on the next API run? Also how does it work for mapping to categories in magento when pulling down from CA?

  31. Charleston says:

    I tried to contact you guys via the ticket system but it gives a 404 error.

    I am interested in the bridge and i would like to test it first but the demo link you have posted gives an error as well…