The Reality of the Ecommerce Market and Competition

  • Every store owner is looking for an advantage OVER their competition.
  • Every ‘new’ eCommerce business is searching for the best cart to use in today’s Market.
  • Every 3 years an eCommerce business owner changes their cart.
  • Every online business owner needs to periodically give their store a tune-up.

In all the above points, Magento is considered at least once. Yes, that means if you are considering Magento there is a good chance your competition are as well. If you are not convinced about using Magento by now, look at the search chart from Google Trends that shows the amount of traffic looking for Magento vs others.

Many owners want to hide the fact that they are using Magento in hopes that their competition will not find out their new tool. This is 100% the reason we don’t publish all our projects online.

If you are like most competitive businesses you watch your competitors as often as possible. The idea that because your competition discovered something before you or visa versa, it does not mean that is has been implemented correctly or effectively – it can and will be done better. This is where we come in – Devgento is specialised in eCommerce using Magento as the basis to build a well performing online sales machine.

The reality of your competition is they are only as good as the developers they employ and the performance of the software they last used. Today is a new day and new possibilities.

At Devgento – you are in the drivers seat. Contact us today for a test drive of today’s hi-performing eCommerce solutions.

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