Current 2021 Hardware and Software

Depend On Piece Of Mind With Devgento Hosting

Magento Hosting with the Latest Intel Processors

Lightning Speed

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X – 6c/12t – 3.8 GHz / 4.4 GHz. They handle 2000 concurrent users with no cache. 10,000 with Varnish enabled + 10Gbit Port Speed

Fastest Magento 2.2.3 Hosting


Keeping your version of Magento is easy with proper hosting design. We provide staging areas to ensure your upgrade is drama free.

Magento Hosting with PHP8 and Memcache

PHP 8.0 + Cache

The latest version of PHP and the upgrade of Memcached produce your database driven store faster then 80% of online stores.

Magento Hosting on Samsung SSD


WooCommerce is for small highly focused catalogs 

Multiple Environments Provided

High Demand always on time sensitive

Single shop moderate load delivery



Dedicated Apache

Dedicated SQL Cluster

Dedicated Firewall

Dedicated API Server

Dedicated email

Dedicated Mailing List

Includes 24/7 Support



Dedicated Apache

Dedicated SQL Cluster

Includes 24/7 Support



Dedicated Apache + SQL

Includes 24/7 Support

What are the new average page load times? What’s the typical size of a webpage you should aim to be under? How many resources does the standard page load? What’s the average server delay, measure in time to first byte?

AMY Ryzen Processors 100%
Extra RAM 93%
3 Second iOS Page Load 89%
Under 3 MB Page load Size 96%
1.3 Second Server Delay 95%