Make sure you have a Magento account before you update your Magento 2 shop and have created a keypair in your account. If you haven’t added the keypair while installing Magento 2, add them to your Magento via ‘System Config’ (next to System Upgrade).

  • Log on to your Magento backend
  • Navigate to ‘System’
  • Click ‘Web Setup wizard’
    • If you can’t access the setup page, it’s possible the symlink wasn’t created when installing magento 2.
  • Select the Magento version you wish to upgrade to and click ‘Next’
  • Start the ‘Readiness check’
  • Click ‘Next’ if possible, otherwise resolve the issues that need fixing before continuing
  • Create a backup by checking all the boxes (Code, Media, Database) and click ‘ Create backup’ (this can take some time)
  • Once the database is created, click ‘Upgrade’ to finish upgrading.
  • After updating your Magento we recommend you to remove the setup file because it’s publicly accessible. use the following command to remove the public file: rm /data/web/magento2/setup

Still not able to update Magento? Perhaps you haven’t connected your Magento shop with your Magento account yet:

  • First get your secure keys
  • Add the public and private key to your shop via ‘System’ ->’Web Setup Wizard’ -> ‘System config’
  • Fill in the keys and click ‘Save config’
  • Go back to ‘System upgrade’ to update your Magento version.