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Event Ticketing Solutions & RFID

Creative Value

We take the time to understand your business and find the optimal solution that makes sense to build and easily manage from your end.

Creativity comes from almost 20 years of working experience. Creativity is the skill of listening to clients needs and goals. Translating these goals into scalable solutions is the magic. Typically companies pay high salaries for the creative that Devgento proposes because it is easy to see things from outside the organization.

Event Ticketing Solutions & RFID


If you can buy it online – it is called eCommerce. Amazon, Apple, Google, Internet Providers, Costco, Target – you name it. It’s eCommerce.

Our history started in selling thru eBay is 2001 ( The first real ecommerce) We sourced product, merchandised it, Displayed it online in a clever way to buyer to buy, managed order books, packed, shipped and followed up with customers. This concept is the same today on a much larger, smarter and scalable way.

If you are here reading you are considering us to speak with about your existing or upcoming project. We are available by email to set a time to have a quick meet and greet by phone.


Event Ticketing
Solutions & RFID

Say goodbye to ticketing titans! If you have an event with assigned seating and no longer want to employ the highly competitive and buyer offending ticketing solutions – consider talking with Devgento.

Ticketing solutions are unlike any other ticket solution you have seen. We have created a sub brand called InHouseTicketing. This solution is designed to MAXIMISE your BRAND buy creating a box office that runs excluvely in your name and under your brand. No more linking to an external site, charging fees that loose sales and upset buyers. See more at

Event Ticketing Solutions & RFID

Alternative to ticket masters or similar event ticketing solutions

The competition is thick for Ticket selling solutions. But rest assured they all do the same thing – markup your tickets with notorious service fees! If you are looking for an alternative you wont find much because the business is so lucrative. Events themselves like the rebates they get from ticket masters. Ticketing solutions love their events that sign exclusive deals with them.

Ticket sales prices increase fast according to calculated demand combined with timed release of availability! This means that as the event draws closer the price increases but who pays that cost and who gets the revenue? The event itself sees little of that last minute markup and the buyer pays 100% of that price gouge.

RFID Solutions are the dominant technology once your event gets underway.

The largest RFID solution providers are suing technology that was designed and developed between 2001 and 2005. If you’re wondering – that’s ancient for software. Our software was built from the ground up in 2015 and matured in 2017. It runs fast on any cloud provider and can easily be scaled up and down depending on the demand of your event.

Amazon ‘chatter’ about entering ticket sales arena

Full Article:

The interesting thing to note is that if Amazon did enter it would further the commoditization your event tickets and Amazon will carry on with ticket fees.

Read thru the comments – people cheer the demise of ticketmaster. They don’t like fees. Our solution eliminates both Amazon’s grasp and service fees. Best of all it promotes your brand and keeps buyers happier and spending the money on your event!

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